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First Week of Residency

13 Jul

First week of residency ~ July 7, 2013

It started with a bang.  It started on labor and delivery nights, 5pm-8am, Sun-Thurs.  I received sign-out from 5-6pm and the senior resident and I headed out to the labor floor.  We had multipara that came in “huffin’ and puffin’” that we had to check and probably admit for labor.  Within 20 minutes we had checked her, called her complete and started pushing.  It was the least warning I’d ever had about delivering a baby and as soon as we started pushing my pager under my sterile gown went off for the entire delivery.  I can’t say that it all went smoothly, but it did get done and was without disaster.  The senior resident and I delivered the baby together and all is well for baby and mom, but what an introduction to my new “real” life!  I later sat at the nurse’s station and wrote my delivery note still pumping with adrenaline.  If this is true to the rest of this month it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve been able to do a lot of cervical checks and am not as bad as I had imagined I’d be.  I’ve placed cervical ripening agents and actually got people into labor so that’s a success.  I delivered another baby almost all on my own – the balancing of clamping and cutting the cord while holding and stimulating baby is a little rough still but much better than the first one.  I’m still at a student level in the OR, suctioning and cutting suture for C-sections, but that’ll probably change soon enough.  I’ve found some trichomonads on a patient and informed her she’ll need treatment for trichomoniasis, which promptly made her cry – I’m responsible for making a patient cry all on my own – that one was not fun.  I’ve discharged patients home every morning and written and printed prescriptions for their Vicodin for which I got to sign.  For some reason signing prescriptions for controlled narcotics has been one of the biggest deals for me, it just doesn’t seem right yet that I have that power.  I’ve introduced myself as Dr. Last Name to every patient this last week; that one still feels bizarre.

The worst part about this new life was getting all of my stuff here from across the country.  It finally arrived this week 25 days after me and my roommate arrived.  Luckily it was in good shape and not difficult to unpack.  The mover story is a long and convoluted one but long story short: don’t skimp on picking your mover – get references and use them.  The positive part of that story is, I convinced myself that I needed a new pair of Dansko shoes because mine weren’t going to be here in time for day 1.  So I bought the super sparkly ones that I’ve always wanted and never thought I’d buy because they’re not very practical.

At the end of it all, I survived.  My dog isn’t the happiest dog in the world but she’s managing and doing alright.  She gets to play ball every day as long as it’s not pouring rain so that usually works for her.  My roommate is happier now that she has her stuff too.  It’s an adjustment for her to move into a house rather than an apt but I think she’s coming around.   The weather has been super humid, my glasses fogged up just getting out of the car and a big thunder, lightening, pouring rain storm has happened every night for the entire first week.