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Third Year of Residency

28 Jul

There was never once during my few years of medical school that I thought continuity of care would matter to me. Now, continuity of care defines me.  I’m now starting my third year of residency (senior status finally!) and happily delivered my same patient twice (yes – twice in 2 years). There is definitely a lot more to this story, however I can say that the experiences that I’ve had with this same patient over the last two years have been so inspiring and have given me so much toward keeping my glass half full.

It’s not every patient that you see during residency on your clinic schedule that makes you hope they come to clinic today just because they’re a joy to work with and you know you’ll enjoy the conversation.  The more patients that I am able to see throughout their pregnancy instead of interspersed amongst multiple residents or randomly due to timing or non-compliance the more my job satisfaction rises.  I LOVE seeing the babies months after I delivered them and seeing their big smiles & coos. I LOVE having patient’s tell me that they’ve been waiting weeks to tell me about their strange complaint because they feel like I’m someone they can confide in. I LOVE it when I can comfort patients when they tell me they’re scared about having their first baby or surgery.

Third year has been so much fun so far. I forgot how much I love gyn surgery and how much the patients appreciate you for taking out their uterus. There’s an anesthesiologist that we work with often who sums it up nicely when he asks why we’re doing surgery when quizzing the patient; “is this for bleeding or pain?” He is right about his assessment, gynecologists mission in life is to help bleeding and pain and we do it pretty darn well. I’ve now started using the same expression I do when I leave the patient’s room while rounding for postpartum as I do for post-hysterectomy since both patients are similarly happy: “Congrats!”

3rd year has also given me a lot more time to read, learn and teach students, patients and families which is also empowering. So far, senior status is good and I’m learning a ton! The one piece of advice I have is to continue seeking out continuity of care – deliver your patients, perform surgery on your patients and follow up your patient’s problems – happiness will follow!

Do More of What Makes You Happy