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Half Way Through Intern Year

9 Dec

I realize it’s only the beginning of December and I have 3 more weeks left before I’m truly half way through of my intern year; but it is very close!  I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by.  I’ve delivered over 100 vaginal deliveries, 40 c-sections and am very close to doing a c-section on my own, I did skin to skin but haven’t had a successful fetal head delivery yet in a section – working on it!  I’ve had many post partum hemorrhages that I’m pretty darn competent at managing.  I will definitely be getting a lot more experience through the remainder of this month and this spring.  I’ve also completed 3 off-service rotations in emergency medicine, NICU and IM, all of which have been super helpful in reminding me how to manage medical patients and know what to expect with infants with complications.  I honestly would highly recommend a program that has off-service rotations in medicine fields just because as an ob/gyn we see so many medically complicated women both pregnant and not that it’s really good to be comfortable with the issues they bring up and how to manage them.

Yesterday, before starting my week of vacation (now delayed in the airport) I got to deliver two of my clinic patients; the two I know the best and followed the closest.  I knew they were getting close to term and was worried they would deliver while I was on vacation.  My last shift before vacation was sort of serendipitous in that one labored all night and then delivered right when I came on shift and the other walked in while I was just coming on shift, labored all day and delivered about 3 hours before I had to catch my flight out.  I had the night team call me in when we were pushing and we had a great delivery.

Both of these patient’s refer to me as their doctor. When the nurse asks them a question and they reply “my doctor told me to…” they are talking about advice I gave them!  It has been sort of a surreal experience to see them through most of their pregnancies (one of them for every single visit!) and to be able to be there for their delivery.

In residency, we see a lot of clinic patients and it’s not always that likely that you get to do the delivery and even many of the clinic appointments due to schedules of both the patients and our crazy resident schedules.  I’m really thankful to have had this experience so early on.  I realized it’s a very different experience managing someone’s labor and delivery when you’re invested in them as a person and feel a tie and obligation to them to give them the best experience while keeping both baby and mama safe.  I realize it’s the goal for every woman who delivers, but when it’s one of your own there’s just this bigger almost overwhelming sense of responsibility for every decision you make for them.  My cup is very full right now and I feel very fortunate that I was able to share in their beautiful labor & deliveries of healthy babies!