Be The Match

27 Nov


Joining the Be The Match registry is one of the simplest things you can do for someone else.  As stated on the Be The Match website; each hour, more than six people die from a blood cancer.  As soon as I met someone dying of a blood cancer that a match could not be found I knew I had to sign up.

By volunteering to become a registry member you can give the gift of life to someone thatwould otherwise die if you are determined to be a match for someone in need.  As long as you meet the medical criteria listed, registering is simple. You fill out a form online then a packet is sent to you in the mail. In this packet there are swabs to swab the inside of your cheek (I think 6 times) and seal the envelope and mail it back. Easy!


Your sample is kept on file and you willbe committed to donation if someone in need is a match to you. Donation includes either bone marrow donation or peripheral blood stem cells.  Donation doesn’t sound like the best day(s) ever as it does involve medical procedures; however, the way I look at it is it does give you a good excuse for a day off work!  In regards to the opportunities in the obstetrics field, there are options for cord blood donation if you meet certain criteria and deliver at a hospital included in the program!



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