First Circumcision

2 Mar

Circumcision day, one of my most memorable days from my first clinical rotation in medical school.  It’s really a very simple procedure if you take away the importance that aesthetics plays “down there” in the consideration of a circumcision.  I’ve done a handful at this point and watched even more and can say it’s most understandably worrisome for the parents than to anyone else, especially the kid. 

Me: “I Got to inject and make some cuts during a circumcision today!”

K: “Holy crap that’s awesome! [Was it] fun?”

Me: “It was. He [my preceptor] surprised me because I thought I was just watching today, and then he told me I was going to do one of the injections, and then after that, he handed me the scalpel.  It wasn’t bad, the kid’s dad was there the whole time watching knowing I hadn’t done it before either.”

K: “How’d you do? Did you have to study the procedure or anything?”

Me: “It wasn’t bad, definitely don’t want to do it by myself anytime soon. I just read a procedure book, about 3 pages, but like I said, I just expected to watch and read to know what was going on.  At the end the kid’s dad reminded me that I’d never forget [child’s name] which is so true.” 


Me: “I Got to inject and make some cuts during a circumcision today!”

B: “Sweet! I’ve never done any procedures on kids! Was there any screaming? :(“

Me: “Yes! Crying, flailing arms, bleeding, and new dad watching the whole time!”

B: “Ugh that is hard!! Were you shaking or did you keep a steady hand?”

Me: “Steady but it was a little nerve racking to not be able to do my own traction so I had to use his hand to steady my hand or it would have been just a little too close for comfort with that scalpel! I just pictured slipping and jabbing the kid’s belly or something while I did it… The things that run through your mind at the most opportune moment!”

B: “I know! Remember those student moments!”

One of my favorite comments to make when attending physicians poll students/residents to see who has done circumcisions is to let them know that my numbers include half of a circumcision since this one was technically half.  That always makes them wonder. 


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